Eid ul-Adha will be on Tuesday 20/07/21

There will be 3 Eid Jama'ah at the Epsom masjid insha'Allah.

1st Jama'ah at 6 a.m. Sharp.

2nd Jama'ah at 10 a.m. Sharp.

3rd Jama'ah at 11 a.m. Sharp.


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Please Park Considerately!


The Al Kauthar Madrasah is now closed until further notice as a precautionary measure for the community 14/3/20

Appointment of election commissioners

The following are appointed election commissioners for October 2019

Mr Anjum Ahmed

Mr Amin Dangra

Mr Saleem Quazi

Al Kauthar Saturday Madrasah  Dates


Time: 10.30am until after Zuhr 13:45

Madrasah Parents Meeting      -       Saturday 21st September 2019

Recording of Meeting available to listen to here.

Tuition and Administration Fees for New Students: £225

Fees for Returning Students: £215

21-09-19 Parents Syllabus Meeting (onlinImam Joynal
00:00 / 42:15