Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu.


As the moon was not sighted on the evening of the 29th Ramadhan Eid will be on Sunday 24th May 2020.


1. Pay your sadqatul fitr £5 before Eid.

2. On Eid day pray fajr on time and in congregation with your household. Similarly all prayers should be prayed on time and in congregation if possible. These are obligatory and the most important. 


After fajr perform the following Sunnah acts.


Begin to read takbeer continuously.



3. Perform Ghusl - shower or bath



4. Wear fresh clothes



5. Apply perfume 



6. Eat an odd number of dates. If you do not have dates then eat something sweet.



Salah for Eid day based on Hanafi school of law.


This should be prayed between 15 mins after sunrise (5.10AM) till 15 mins before Istiwaa al shams (12.45pm)



7. As Masaajid are not open to public. Perform 2 rakats or 4 rakats nafl prayer individually with no extra takbeers.  These shouldn't be prayed in congregation. However, family may gather in one room and pray individually. Make dua with your family. (This is my personal opinion of what people should do)



If you choose to pray Eid salah in congregation at home then minimum number of people required is 4 adult males including Imam. This would establish the validity of the Salah. 



Sisters and children can join if the minimum requirement is met. (This is the opinion of other scholars and you are free to choose which opinion you would like to follow)


(If you do not have family members in your household to fulfill the minimum requirements please pray 2/4 nafl as explained above.)



For Eid in congregation. You would pray 2 rakats with 6 extra takbeers. There is no Azan or iqamah.  The first three extra takbeers will be after thana (subhaanaka allahumma wa bihamdika to the end). Everyone will follow the Imam. Hands should be raised to ears for every takbeer and folded. The Imam will recite surah fatiha, another surah, then will go in to ruku and sajdah.  The imam will stand for the second rakat. Recite surah Fatiha followed by another surah. Before going to ruku recite 3 takbeers raising the hands and folding them. On 4th takbeer go into ruku.


The salah will be completed as normal.



The imam can choose to do the khutbah. It is a Sunnah so if the imam chooses not to do a khutbah the Salah will be valid and there will be no sin incurred.



Make dua with your family.


8. If you are not able to visit family contact them on the phone or via video calling. You can also make dua together virtually through video calling apps. Pray Allah forgives everyone's sins, accepts all the deeds performed in Ramadhan and ask for whatever you want. 





Jazaakumullah khairan


Imam Joynal Ahmed 

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